Creating A Special Place

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”. Lao Tzu

In the journey we are taking we needed a few things: we need a place where it is quite, confrontable and where you will not be disturbed.

A corner in a room is good. If you have a porch even better. Even near a stream or body of water.

But, if we live in a small apartment, we can still make it work.

You can use blankets, pillows or a chair, just to start you off with.

If you enjoy plants put one in your special place, maybe you like incents that you can burn.

One thing I like to use is lighting up a candle and watching the flame, it is great to focus on.

Oh yes some good meditation music, which you can find of course on Youtube!

Here is one of them I use their on Youtube and remember you can listen all day to relaxing music to deal with life and work.

It is a great tool when life gets in the way!

This is your personal space do not let others go into this spot.

This is where you will achieve your Zen just a word many use for peace.

Please think about this because it can be very difficult to get into a place of silence.

So take pride in your set up of your special place.

Where these steps will help in your growth.

I truly hope all is well for everyone! Sending blessings and lots of love your way.

You are the future and you as well as I must awaken from this dream.

Good luck my wonderful children!

Hoping to write a few words soon!

With all my heart and love I wish the best for you all!


The Sounds That Heal

Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided. Paracelsus

How are my wonderful children and this beautiful day? I am great! The sun is shining and the sky’s are clear.

I hope you have a better understanding of why I am teaching that meditation and chanting can help with things like stress, worry, and the emotions we carry.

We are all attacked with life in general. Hoping that as we walk this journey, one may find their peace.

The more we put into it the more we will receive.

Now that we know about the Lam and Vam we can move to the next one.

Ram is the solar plexus, this is the seat of all your emotions. What I mean by this spot is that all emotions from the past as well, as right now are entering this chakra.

Do we find ourselves remembering past pain?

Break up’s, losing our job’s, words of hate from other’s, the list can go on and on but, I know we all understand that we can change this.

First, we must focus on the present, not the past! The past is over and we can not changed it so why relive it?

Reliving the past brings back pain, get it. I know that my children are smart and can do anything they put their minds to do.

So now we learn the lower three chakra sounds, so we can go deeper to rid ourselves of a fake hell we all live in.

Now when we meditate the goal is to chant these sounds for 5 minutes a day, everyday.

with time we will all recognize how powerful we really are.

Blessing to all who read these few words.

May we all feel and get to understand who we really are!

May all be at peace and sending lot’s of love to you all.

Thank you all my beloved children.


Going Deeper

“To order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision” Dalia Lama

Hello, my wonderful children! It has been some time for life gets in the way. But, I hope all is well with you all.

Before, we go any further I need to explain what are chakras.

Chakras are the spinning wheels of the body. They hold emotions, pain and suffering. These wheels spin to the right and the left.

They can become unbalanced when life gets in the way. Take this as an example: you and your partner break it off.

You are hurt, crying and wondering what did you do for this to come to a end. Well the chakras pick it up and hold on to it.

This is the way meditations and chanting help in removing the unbalancement in the body.

So, as we go deeper into the art we can heal from within.

As time goes by we must add more time to are meditation. Till we reach are age group. Think I have been doing this for 30 years.

I truly enjoy all the years that I have put into this journey, for now I see clearer and I do not have to hold on to pain, suffering, and even stress.

This is why I desire to help others so they too, can feel free from life and be happier.

I am very grateful for all those who give these words a chance.

With that I give you all love, peace and lot’s of happiness.

See you all soon! And keep on working on yourselves to be the greatest version of yourself.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Healing Sounds

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” Bubbha

Hey you all! Hoping all are doing well. Me I am well thank you.

Here I am again to share a few words with you all. I find so much beauty in the world of sound, the power to heal is so wonderous.

Right now, am listening to the sound of nature. How the earth pulls on the body, and the birds are singing. The sun shines and all is well.

We need to be with nature more often, it give the sounds of peace and joy that we are not alone.

Now, today the next part of your journey is to learn the next sound

Yesterday, we learned the word Lam which is the root chakra.

Today, the tune is Vam which is the sacral center above the root chakra.

As you meditate more these tunes can help in releasing things that we carry as people.

Remember, if you do not do the work nothing will change. If you would like to live in a place of peace you need to do the work.

working to make our lives better always starts with work, time and patience.

Just understand you need to love yourself not worry about how other’s see you!

With time we will be in place of more peace, joy and happiness.

As always my wonderful children be safe and send you all blessings and lot’s of love!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you all soon.


Balancing the Body with Sound

“Man Did Not Weave the Web of life: He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself.” Chief Seattle

Blessings to all of my children! I hope all of you are doing well. I am blessed to be here once more to share a few words with you all!

Do you realized that we all carry a energy field? Remember, my last blog I touch a little about sound. Well, your body reacts to sound.

Sound can heal as well, that it can hurt. The body has a scale just like music and that vibration is what the universe hears.

As you practice your meditation and now understand the your mind is a place of constant chatter, as the scale of music, there is another way to help with the voice from within.

This scale has been chanted for 5,000 years all over the world. Monks, Gurus, and teacher’s like Deeppa Chorppa have trusted this method.

Here is a little history of the many names this energy is explained in different parts of the world.

In India the word is prana (which means the breath of life), in Japan is known as Ki (is life it self), in China it is Chi (Qi) is life force.

These traditions live on because they work, where a doctor my fail another kind of medicine may cure! This I believe, but, are society thinks we have no other choice but, for what they provide.

Mind, body, and spirit they kill us slowly with their made up medicine. Just tune into your mind and the body will change and your spirit will grow!

Am not saying all medicine is bad, but, the way they are pushing drugs and these cure’s are very alarming.

That is why I am teaching you to see healing in a different light. You can be whatever you desire but, your health is your wealth.

Today I will give you the sound of your root chakra which is Lam. When you meditate just chant Lam for your 5 minutes. This will help balance your root chakra.

We will do this scale a little at a time so you can feel at ease. It will all take time but, what you put into it you will get out of it.

As alway my wonderful children practice and practice and in time you will be the victor. For all of us to grow we must work at it.

Blessing to all!


Just a Tune

“See simplicity in the complicated. Achieve greatness in little things” Lao Tzu

Good day my children! I hope all is well! Here the sun is hot and shining!

I hope you have decided to walk with us, and even if you do not it is ok.

There are many ways for us to focus on things that can help all in meditation.

Silence is important but, the mind wonders so much it can drive one crazy.

So one way that may help anyone is getting a candle, light it up and just breathe and stare at the flame. Remember we practice for only 5 minutes.

Another way are the scales tones that are used for practiced when it comes to singing Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do and then do it backwards.

This is so helpful for one to focus and quite the mind. And in no time you will be meditating.

Also, let us not forget prayer it helps it will calm the mind and help one lose pain in the mind.

A fun way is go to youtube their are many guided meditations, I use them at times so that I can focus the mind on the voice.

Try one out what can it hurt? Remember, that the goal is to be aware of who we really are!

Again, my sweet loving children thank you for walking and reading these few words.

Hugs and lot’s of love!


What is the Unconsciousness of The Mind

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Gautama Buddha

Hello! my wonderful children! How are you today? Here all is good.

We have a great power. The power of the mind. But, many times we feel as we have no control. This is a great lie.

Remember, I talked a little about the unconsciousness. That it holds many secrets and the way to get into that power we must be a guard of our own thoughts.

This is so hard for many because, as soon as you try, you will hear the voice begin to speak. It is a battle between consciousness and the unconsciousness.

This why many will give up! Oh this is to hard! Am wasting my time I will never learn! More negative thoughts just keep coming.

But, for one to truly begin we must focus on the breath. This can help in one’s journey. A quite place where you will not be disturbed also, can help.

If one desire’s to become more aware, one must work at it! Pick a corner in a dark room, turn off your phone I mean it! You may sit in a chair or a big pillow. Get comfortable but, sit straight up no laying down and begin to breathe.

All I ask you is try for 5 minutes, everyday without missing a day. For you must try at least 21 days before it becomes a habit.

Still write down what your mind is saying, this will help with your growth. To this day I meditate everyday and will keep doing it until I am no more.

So take the jump! I am here with you!

Sending lot’s of hugs and love to all of you!


Why We Need to Heal

Hello, my wonderful children! I hope all is well! I am well. I just have so much to talk about that at times I am stuck.

So I desire to be open with you, as I hope you may be open with me. Do you find yourselves always in your head?

Well, we can not help it, because we have be conditioned to be in our heads all the time. Playing with our phones, tablets, computers or game systems.

When was the last time you had a conversation with a friend, lover, or family?

I mean a heartful and truthful get to getter with anyone?

`We are so lost! We are in so much pain! Many are barely hanging on! Why are we all in such suffering?

Because, we all have been taught to suffer. Listen, how we talk about our problems like the world is ending.

Friends, family, and society was meant to live in the world of problems. WHAT! Why do we read, or watch movies with a happy ending?

Think, that this is the real problem. Our world is always out of control and we can not do a thing to change it.

The only thing you have control of is yourselves, and the mind that is always talking. Have you ever heard about the unconsciousness?

The part of your mind that holds all your secrets is the one that is always talking even when you are sleeping! Yuck!

All you need is 5 minutes of silence. And in those minutes all you hear is the second mind replaying your life. That is suffering.

Even when you try to be calm and quite all the mind does is chat up a storm! You have to be like a guard watching all the mind says and write it down, so you can see what you are really saying about yourselves.

You may feel hurt, mad, or just totally taken off guard of the things you tell yourselves! Believe me I walk this journey everyday, you are not alone.

Even during the day I catch my mind taking about things that happen years ago.

So you are to take the same steps that I take meditate everyday even if it is for just 5 minutes and hear what happens.

please let me know, if you have the courage to come into the world of an awakening. That’s why I am here it is time for us to step up to the plate and not just eat, but, that you are aware of what you are doing.

Think about it what is 5 minutes are their the beginning of a new way of thinking or will you just give up because it is to hard to hear the true about your thoughts!

Remember, that we must heal the mind, body, and the spirit. As always my wonderful children thank you for reading my few words.

Know that you are not alone, I am here with you!!


The Art of Healing

What is healing to each an every person?

There are very different ways. we as people see or feel what is healing.

For some, a good night of sleep is just the right thing they need to feel right.

For other’s a walk or run will help them get release and relief of some energy.

Other’s just desire to have a glass of wine on their favorite chair looking outside.

Many of us have a few different ways to get us on the road to healing.

In my journey, I have been blessed to have learned that not only one thing can bring you to a place of healing.

The mind, the body and the spirit must all have a way to let in the healing that we all can achieve.

The mind it seems just to be so simple, yet, it has many secrets.

The mind has many parts that hold everything that you see, feel and believe to be real.

There is now the body, which can not do anything with out it’s brain.

But, the spirit is a totally different matter! It is the only thing many of us are unable to use it to our fullest potential.

In a world that we must work, care for other’s, and take care of our place, with the chores looming over us everyday.

Where do we find the time to truly take care of ourselves? It seems almost impossible to achieve.

My question to you all is ” are you not important?”

Many will lie about this answer, but, it is ok. If you desire a different outcome then come walk with me.

I am Master Dar and I would like to help you to live your greatest life ever. I am new here but, I love to help other’s to grow.

If healing is what you are looking for, I am here to serve.

I will teach you to see the world with different eyes!

I hope these words have helped in some small way but, knowing I can blog here, I will do my best.

So, please visit again it is my honor to be here with you all.

Thank you all who have read my few words.

Master Dar Namaste.