Creating A Special Place

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”. Lao Tzu

In the journey we are taking we needed a few things: we need a place where it is quite, confrontable and where you will not be disturbed.

A corner in a room is good. If you have a porch even better. Even near a stream or body of water.

But, if we live in a small apartment, we can still make it work.

You can use blankets, pillows or a chair, just to start you off with.

If you enjoy plants put one in your special place, maybe you like incents that you can burn.

One thing I like to use is lighting up a candle and watching the flame, it is great to focus on.

Oh yes some good meditation music, which you can find of course on Youtube!

Here is one of them I use their on Youtube and remember you can listen all day to relaxing music to deal with life and work.

It is a great tool when life gets in the way!

This is your personal space do not let others go into this spot.

This is where you will achieve your Zen just a word many use for peace.

Please think about this because it can be very difficult to get into a place of silence.

So take pride in your set up of your special place.

Where these steps will help in your growth.

I truly hope all is well for everyone! Sending blessings and lots of love your way.

You are the future and you as well as I must awaken from this dream.

Good luck my wonderful children!

Hoping to write a few words soon!

With all my heart and love I wish the best for you all!



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