Make Time Special

Many blessings to all my beloved children! Hoping all is well with everyone. As for me I am grateful to be here once again to write my few words to all.

Did we considered where are special place will be?

Remember, that it only should matter to one’s self. As for me I can even be inside a closet that is empty and I am very happy!

But, I still will need a few things to be comfortable.

Yoga Bolster Bone Shape Neck Cushion Meditation Sitting Cushion Kapok ...

This is great for sitting it is comfy and cozy for anytime of the day. So making time for meditation is pretty easy.

Remember, that loose clothing is very important so you may feel relaxed in your sitting position.

Do not forget to bring a blanket in case you become chilly.

I bring a bottle of water that is at room temperature so I do not become cold.

Now, we begin with some deep breathing. In through the nose and out through the nose, unless you have a problem with this then, we may breathe. out the mouth.

Some people have a hard time in the beginning breathing in and out the nose. So until you become. more comfortable so you may exhale out the mouth in time this will change.

With every breath we become more relaxed, because this sends a message to the brain, which ignites the dopamine which is the feel good chemical.

This travels all over the nerve system and makes the body much more happier.

We will notice that the breath will become much slower and that is a great thing, that also means, that now we are in the present moment.

Please remember, that it takes time to achieve your goal, and I am here with you also.

Now after about 15 minutes if we have the courage, we may interduce the chants that we practice in the past.

Just a little recap the sounds are Lam, Vam, and Ram. I will share the rest in due time.

Good luck my wonderful children. I am truly grateful that we have stop by, just to read my few words.

As always with many blessings and lots of love.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you all soon!



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